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My name is Alexandra and I create limited edition, hand-screened prints.

I make a range of homewares, scarves, lingerie/cosmetic bags, greeting cards and other art works.

My passion is to preserve the authentic, traditional methods of silk screening. From design inception through to printing, my work is fully hand-crafted by me, reflecting both traditional and contemporary design inspirations.

Each item I produce is ‘one of a kind’ - its beauty lies in the minor variations that result from being hand-crafted.

I love the tactile quality of natural materials, such as richly-textured velvets, linen and silk. I also like to use hand-made paper and the worn pages from old books. I use solvent-free inks that are eco-friendly and durable.

I source many of my fabrics, beads and embellishments from Paris and markets around the world.

As my range is constantly evolving please visit my on-line web store to see my current stock. 

You can also contact me by email at 

I hope you share my passion and enjoy my exclusive textiles!

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